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  • Women's Red and Beige Leather Slippers
    Now here's something you don't see everyday, a pair of womens read and beige leather slippers! These really stand out from the crowd because of their unique color pattern. It looks good and of course these leather slippers are crafted very well and on top of that they are so comfortable you might no..
  • Women's Olive Leather Slippers Sheep's Wool with Snowflake
    What a pleasant design on these women's olive color leather slippers with sheep's wool lining and snowflake embroidered design. They look like something from an Irish fairy tale. They're built from the best leather and sheep's wool and will last for years. They'll make a great gift and at this low p..
  • Women's Olive Leather Slippers
  • Women's Nice Red Leather Slippers
    Just one glance of these womens nice red leather slippers will have you ordering them right away. The reason is they're so attractive and affordable. The price is low but another reason is the comfort their design brings in. The manufacturer went to great lengths to add the airated holes and soft le..
  • Women's New Red Leather Slippers
    The one sign of excellence in regard to slippers is the construction and comfort. On top of that are the fashionable looks that women are looking for. Seeing this, these womens red leather slippers are just what the fashion conscious woman is looking for. They're designed for comfort, looks, and of ..
  • Women's Light Brown Leather With Wooden Sole Slippers
    Check out these women's light brown leather with wooden sole slippers! They're so comfortable with their contoured wooden sole and soft leather. They are just fine for walking around the house, going shopping and more. They're so fashionable that you might see the ladies of the town walking about an..
  • Women's Light Beige Leather With Wooden Sole Slippers
    Just in time for Summer are these women' slight beige leather with wooden sole slippers. They're just what the doctor ordered regarding comfort and style for the home and out and about. That's right, you don't have to only wear them at home you can wear them out in the streets and you'll sure get th..
  • Women's Light Beige Leather Slippers With Sheep's Wool
    For the elegant and dainty of women who like that smooth and unassuming style of things you have these women's light beige leather slippers with real sheep's wool lining. They just look so soft that you could probably fool a kitten with them. The interior wool keeps the feet snug and warm and the so..
  • Women's Lemon Leather Slippers