Wooden Slippers

Slippers on wooden soles.

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  • Men's Black Leather With Wooden Sole Slippers
    Take a look at these mens black wooden sole slippers! They are top level crafted sandals with the contour fitted sole that people just can get enough of. The leather is soft and comfortable and when you talk about style these wooden slippers are so stylish that you could walk down the street in a su..
  • Nice Women's Light Beige Leather With Wooden Sole Slippers
    The light beige women's leather top and wooden sole slippers you'll see ladies walking around the house and feeling comfortable and looking good. You can actually wear these wooden slippers into only at home but they look so nice and are so comfy that you can wear them out shopping. They make the pe..
  • Red Leather Women's Slippers With Wooden Sole
    These awesome red leather women's slippers with the wooden sole are so attractive you might have to buy a dress to go with them. Any woman lucky enough to get these wooden slippers is going to be one happy lady. They're crafted with the finest materials and the wooden sole is contoured for comfort a..
  • Women's Beige Suede Slippers With Wooden Sole
    Oh these women's beige suede slippers with the wooden sole are so awesome looking they might change the face of bedroom fashion and maybe even the runways of Paris. These wooden slippers are so attractive you might have to fight people to keep them from trying to take them off your feed. The wooden ..
  • Women's Light Beige Leather With Wooden Sole Slippers
    Just in time for Summer are these women' slight beige leather with wooden sole slippers. They're just what the doctor ordered regarding comfort and style for the home and out and about. That's right, you don't have to only wear them at home you can wear them out in the streets and you'll sure get th..
  • Women's Light Brown Leather With Wooden Sole Slippers
    Check out these women's light brown leather with wooden sole slippers! They're so comfortable with their contoured wooden sole and soft leather. They are just fine for walking around the house, going shopping and more. They're so fashionable that you might see the ladies of the town walking about an..
  • Women's Red Leather Slippers With Wooden Sole
    You will not believe these women's red leather wooden sole slippers. They look as good as regular street shoes and built for fashion and comfort. That wooden sole on these slippers is contoured for both comfort and built for durability. They look so good a lady might just go outside and show them of..
  • Women's Suede Slippers With Wooden Sole
    Feast your eyes on these women's suede slippers. They look like something out of a fairy tale. The design is cute and the wooden soles of these slippers are sturdy and comfortable. Just slide these on and you'll be walking around for hours wondering why you hadn't gotten a pair of these before. The ..
  • Women's Wooden Sole Light Beige Leather Slippers
    A woman who is walking around wearing these women's wooden sole light beige slippers is going to really stand out in the crowd. People will wonder where you got them and how much they cost and are they limited edition items. These wooden sole slippers are just astounding in both design and comfort. ..