Leather Slippers

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  • Classy Men's Custom Leather Slippers (brown)
    These elegant and beautiful handmade slippers have a warmth and grace all their own. Take a close look at the hand-stitched all natural leather construction on these fine shoes. They look like something that 007 or James Bond would wear while smoking his pipe and entertaining female friends. The eye..
  • Comfortable Leather Slippers For Men
    Made of 100% original leather, this pair of slippers comes in two colours, brown and black. Elegance and comfort blended together, these slippers are perfect as classy domestic footwear. Light in weight yet tough in strength, these leather slippers are designed by keeping in mind the taste of modern..
  • Comfortable Stylish all leather Men's Slippers (brown)
    These beautiful stylish and elegantly designed natural cowhide leather shoes will turn heads from your family and friends. The design almost inspires thoughts of Italian race cars or jet airplanes. Designed with comfort and safety in mind, the natural leather has a smooth warm feel that is neither t..
  • Embroidered Brown And Beige Leather Slippers For Women
    Class incarnated! Designed out of original leather with a colour scheme that is not only elegant but also rare. The combination of brown and beige lends it extra elegance and class to this pair of leather slippers made for women who love style blended with comfort. It comes in all sizes and variant ..
  • Fashionable Beige Leather Slippers For Women
    This gorgeous peep toe ladies slipper is crafted out of original leather. Trendy yet classy, it comes in all sizes and easy on your feet. These fashionable foot wares can enhance the beauty for your feet. The soft and comfortable material allows your feet to breathe freely and thus keeps them dry an..
  • Men's Casual Black Leather Slippers
    Hand made, custom black slippers that will have all your friends turning their heads. These fashionable black leather slippers are contrasted with white insoles. All of the materials including the leather and the comfortable insoles are carefully constructed of waterproof all weather fabrics and mat..
  • Men's close-toed custom Leather Slippers
    These uniquely designed , fashionable slippers are constructed only from the finest leather made from genuine cowhide. The enclosed toe makes for a more warm and cozy walking experience on those cold rainy nights. The soles of these eye-catching shoes are constructed carefully, and by hand, and are ..
  • Men's Closed-toe Brown Leather Slippers
    Roaming the house on cold rainy nights won't feel cold if you are wearing these classy hand-made all leather house slippers. The closed-toe design will make your feet cozy and warm, and protected no matter if you just stepped out of the shower, or you are just laying back reading a book. These wonde..
  • Men's Hand-Stitched Brown Leather Slippers
    Manufactured from genuine cowhide, and laboriously stitched and sewn together by hand, these eye-catching brown all-leather slippers are made to be not only easy on the eyes, but also very inviting for your tired sore feet. The soles are weatherproof non-slip rubber, constructed with your safety in ..