Ruschnyk is a must-have thing for any Ukrainian family. It is a popular gift for religious holidays and such occasions as wedding, child birth, christening and other ceremonies. Traditional colours in Ukrainian ruschnyk embroidery are red, black and white. Red symbolizes love, health and wealth, black is a life-giving earth and white – is air and daylight. The presence of such accessory in the house creates a lovely atmosphere of cosy home, decorating it and keeping wealth inside. Buy ruschnyk for your own family or as a present for close people, and all your positive feelings will be displayed in it.

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  • Ukrainian Hand Embroidered Small Towel - Ruschnyk
    Great Ukrainian ruschnyk (towel) from Ukraine. Covered with embroidery, done in traditional red colour. Never used. Use of the Rushnyk in Ukraine is very traditional, important and used in many different aspects of life: wedding ceremony, the icons are crosses in rushnyky, the embroidered towel was ..