Leather Slippers

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  • Men's Closed-toe Brown Leather Slippers
    Roaming the house on cold rainy nights won't feel cold if you are wearing these classy hand-made all leather house slippers. The closed-toe design will make your feet cozy and warm, and protected no matter if you just stepped out of the shower, or you are just laying back reading a book. These wonde..
  • Men's Hand-Stitched Brown Leather Slippers
    Manufactured from genuine cowhide, and laboriously stitched and sewn together by hand, these eye-catching brown all-leather slippers are made to be not only easy on the eyes, but also very inviting for your tired sore feet. The soles are weatherproof non-slip rubber, constructed with your safety in ..
  • Men's Stylish Elegant Brown leather slippers
    Just look at the sleek elegant design of these custom all-leather house slippers. The racy lines and contrasting colors make these shoes guaranteed to turn heads. They are almost too stylish to be used for ordinary house slippers. But wait, not only are they stylish, these are some of the most metic..
  • Men's Two-Tone Hand-Made leather slippers
    These finely tailored custom leather slippers are a combination of hand made brown and black leather with a very stylish design. The stunning contrast of the dark leather and white insoles is indeed very eye catching. Designed with rubber soles to prevent slipping, these shoes are some of the safest..
  • New Women's Beige with White Leather Slippers
    These cute women's all leather handmade slippers are constructed with fun and style in mind. The base is an eye-catching beige insole that is suitable for days at the beach, walking around the house, or going to the mall with friends. The white toe overlay is also constructed of all natural cowhide ..
  • Stylish Olive leather Women's Slippers
    Take a close look at these elegant beautifully designed all cowhide slippers. They are certainly head-turners. But when you look more closely you will find that trendy looks is not all these slippers have to offer. The all-natural leather construction includes built-in all-weather soles that are gua..
  • Trendy Beige Leather Slippers For Women
    This light weight and comfortable leather slipper is meant for comfort-loving ladies. This beige coloured trendy leather slipper is made of original leather and is very trendy and relaxing. It is durable and designed to keep your feet free of sweat and discomfort. The porous flowery design along wit..
  • Women's Beige Leather Comfort Slippers
    It would be a shame if you missed out on getting a pair of thes womens beige leather comfort slippers. Their popularity is causting the stock to be eaten up and that's not fun at all. Their soft leather and wonderful fashionable design makes these women's slippers just the right present for the holi..
  • Women's Beige Leather Slippers