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  • Women's Slippers Red Leather With Sheep's Wool
    Oh these red leather women's slippers with real sheep's wool lining will just make your holiday season. They look like they would be perfect for Santa Claus wife. Like those wonderful Hollywood move and television specials with Santa and his wife Mrs. Claus involved in those magical adventures, you'..
  • Women's Slippers Beige Leather Sheep's Wool with Snowflake
    There will be lots to be thankful for when these light beige women's slippers made of leather with real sheep's wool inside lining. They are just the thing for puttering around the house. The snowflake design is eye catching and anyone seeing you walking around in these slippers. You'll definitely g..
  • Women's Scarlet Leather Slippers
  • Women's Red with White Leather Slippers
    Looking fashionable at all times is what the lady of the house is all about because you just don't know who is going to be around with a camera these days. That being the case, a pair of these womens red with white leather slippers is just what she'll be looking for. With the soft leather and solid ..
  • Women's Red with White Leather Comfortable Slippers
    You'll look like a Las Vegas headliner entertainer with these women's red with white leather comfortable slippers. These look just like something out of an entertainment magazine shoe display. As good as they look they're just as well crafted with a smooth and resilient leather and a sole with air h..
  • Women's Red Suede Slippers With Sheep's Wool
    These slippers are just the top of the mountain. They're womens red suede slippers with sheep wool lining. Women's slippers don't get much better than this and that's why you need to jump on these now. It's a certaintly that they won't last long and will probably turn into collector's items. They're..
  • Women's Red Leather Slippers With Wooden Sole
    You will not believe these women's red leather wooden sole slippers. They look as good as regular street shoes and built for fashion and comfort. That wooden sole on these slippers is contoured for both comfort and built for durability. They look so good a lady might just go outside and show them of..
  • Women's Red Leather Slippers With Sheep's Wool
  • Women's Red Leather Slippers Sheep's Wool with Snowflake
    You've got to admit that these women's red leather slippers with real sheep's wool lining with embroidered snowflake design look like they belong to Mrs. Santa Claus. They look like she would walk around his magical workshop overseeing the elves who make his toys. So that makes these slippers just p..