Ukrainian Real High Quality Pysanka Easter Egg

A Ukrainian miracle – that’s how the hand painted Easter real eggs are called, and it’s not accidentally. These pieces of folk art have fadeless magic of paints that can’t allow anyone pass by. Your house will be lit up with light and healing power of nature, if there’s a Ukrainian handpainted egg in it. The art of making pysankas arises from the ancient sacral traditions and was passed down from generation to generation. The real master should combine the magic of the divine disposal of nature and his own soul in his work to put some magic in an egg and turn it into a powerful averter. The process of painting the real empty egg is quite spectacular: the pysanka is gradually superimposed with light paint, moving further to the darker ones, each layer gets covered with wax, so by the end of the work the Ukrainian egg resembles a black "cocoon". However, finally wax is melted over the fire and pysanka appears all the gorgeousness of its paints. Because of this magic the Easter egg is treated as a symbol of recovering life and the victorious beauty. How high should be the culture of the people who have created this incredible art! Ukrainian eggs will lit up your home with celestial light and charm of nature.

  • Model: rp1978c
  • Shipping Weight: 0.10 lbs (0.045 kg)

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