Handcarved Wood

We have collected the widest assortment of handcarved wood goods that include religious crosses, national symbols like bulavas and tryzub displays, and a lot more. Wood is a material that carries the energy of nature and will be suitable in any home interior. There are a lot of different handcarved wood souvenirs here, such as jewelry boxes, different animal figurines, chess and backgammon suits. All handcarved wood gifts were made by the hands of artisans from Western Ukraine, where ethnic traditions of Ukrainians have been saved unchanged. Any item from this catalogue will be a great present!

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  • Beautifully Carved Wood Stair Balusters 36"
    Ukrainian balusters offered by Vyshyvanka present you an easy and practical solution for enhancing the looks of your staircase and the room occupying that. These spendles with elegant design are finished to exact size making their installation easy and fast, while adding to the décor of the room ..
  • Attractive Carved Wood Stair Balusters 36"
    In case you are looking for attractively carved spindles with excellent quality you are at the right spot. We, at Vyshyvanka, offer high quality balusters in elegant designs that enhance the looks of your staircase and the room where these are installed. Our spindles with accurate dimensions are ..