Ucrainian Pisanka Real Hand Painted Goose Egg

Being originally a symbol of sun and birth of live, Ukrainian handpainted eggs became a traditional Ukrainian gift and attribute of Easter, the religious holiday honouring the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The same tradition of decorating pysanka Easter egg exists in many countries of the world. Pysanka is a dried eggshell decorated with painted magic symbols, each line and colour of which has a magic meaning. Being on the table at any home during Easter Sunday, Ukranian Easter eggs served as talisman of wellbeing and happiness. It is an attribute that connects people to the magic power of nature. Pysanka will be a perfect gift for any kind of holidays as it is a beautiful handicraft ethnic accessory that will bring cosiness into home atmosphere. No synthetic materials were used to produce pysanka: the ornament is painted by natural inks using batik method. Having pysanka in a house is always a good omen. Besides being very beautiful decoration of home interior, they bring positive energy and such eggs are kept carefully and passed from one generation to another. Here you can buy Easter eggs with different colours and ornaments, to choose the one that ideally suit interior and your taste.

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